Apartments Savamala, are part of A&S Factory doo,  newly established company, that is on one hand working on providing services for daily rent of apartments called " Apartments SAVAMALA" located in the most popular urban part of Belgrade, named "Savamala". Our  luxury apartments of different sizes, are  in the center of this  part of town, in the Crnogorska street.

Our company also provide number of long stay apartments out of center city line for people who plan yearly  stay. In our possetion is also one beautiful pre war Belgrades house on top location, ernting as restaurant .Our goal is to expand our company and to make more atractive location for apartments and houses neither for renting or seliing. 

A&S factory doo, Belgrade

Djakovacka 1

11000 Beograd

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Tel: +38163384227

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